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S T U D I O S dot com

ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT Alpha Integration in progress, spelling atrocities and broken links are rampant.We (I) am looking for anyone who wants to contribute, we have room on the ground floor.rob@xcogstudios.com your attention is always appreciated! :) rXC\m/G


We are currently in Alpha Testing please excuse the mess :)

Your attention and patience is always appreciated!

Up The Game.

Simply With Purpose

Simple does not mean easy. A lot of effort can go into making things appear effortless and making a user focused website is an art and science. Xcog can set you up from the ground up or touch up an already existing project. Rob Xcog. Touch below to see some past work.

Let's Build Something »

XCOG Loves to Make Noise!

Here is where you can find all of Xcog's past and current public projects.

To The XCOG Showcase! »

YarRadio! Xcog's All About the Waves

Yarr, there be some pirate style broadcasting causing waves here and as many as we can. We are here to bring to you the best of Portland's Underground and Unique Culture as well as our mate fleets from all around the world. Special performances straight from the Pirate Cave at XCOG, YarRadio! is against censorship! What did you expect, we're fucking pirates. and jedis. .